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i moved back to new orleans in 2010 after 15 years away and it's so nice to be back in the place that truly feels like home. but my years in new york and los angeles led me to start my business in 2001. i never really knew what my "thing" was - i had wonderful stints in the jewelry, film and internet worlds- but i knew that i loved design and wanted to find a way to be my own boss and be creative.

my medium is paper. i am a self taught designer. my inspiration comes from stepping away, travel, creativity in nature and the ever unfolding human relationship. thatís what weíre doing here. connecting. sharing good news. expressing gratitude. exchanging ideas. inviting people into your life. welcoming babies into the world. how you communicate can help define you. i prefer to make the medium beautiful - to tell those i connect with what is meaningful to me. tiny babies, the smell of rain, the mississippi gulf coast, sea urchins, peonies, greens and blues, well worn rocks, any beach, moma, simplicity, clean lines, happy children, new orleans music. itís all here.

i sell to a select few stores, but for the most part my designs are sold directly to individuals. this representation is a small sample of the thousands of designs iíve done over the past 9 years. everything you see can be customized. i can work with you on something uniquely yours or adjust any of the work here to suit your needs. i hope you enjoy browsing the site and please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or ideas at tinaj@tinaj.com. please check back often as i try to update it regularly.

all the best,

tina j